Self-Employed Professionals

Maycock & Company LLP provides complete accounting and tax services to our professional clients. We offer tax planning for the business principal and family annually, and can provide ongoing adjustments should circumstances change during the year. Our accounting services including monthly bookkeeping, management of monthly Canada Revenue Agency payments and preparation of year-end financial statements and tax returns. Our specialized tax services will ensure you take full advantage of the strategies and elections available to you as a self-employed professional.

Incorporation and Reorganization

Maximize your tax advantage. Maycock & Company LLP can help you recognize when establishing a professional corporation, or reorganizing your corporate structure provides you with a tax advantage. Our accountants have both the experience and expertise necessary to design and implement a tax efficient structure for your professional practice, as well as keep abreast of the ongoing complex changes to tax laws affecting your professional corporation.

Owner-Managed Businesses

Financial statements

Maycock & Company LLP can prepare annual financial statements for your business, relying on your own accounting records, or based on bookkeeping we perform on your behalf. If your business requires financing or bonding, then we can review your financial statements to provide assurance to the bank or insurer that your statements are in accordance with Canadian accounting principles.

Tax returns

The tax professionals at Maycock & Company LLP rely on our extensive knowledge of Canadian tax law to provide accurate tax preparation and filing services for your business and family, including corporate and trust filing. We pride ourselves on providing each client with a complete tax package and will answer any questions you may have regarding your tax filings.


The payroll administrators at Maycock & Company LLP help small to medium-sized businesses translate their time sheets and contracts of employment into accurate pay cheques and government remittances throughout the year. Our accountants can prepare an annual payroll plan for your business, and file the T4 Summary and Slips for both employees and management. We can also provide direct deposit and Records of Employment.


Maycock & Company LLP can assist you with financing your growing business. Our professional staff can prepare historic financial information and financial forecasts to complete your application for financing and help you make informed decisions.


Maycock & Company LLP can assist your family with estate planning and have the expertise to deal with the complexities and tax burden of year-of-death tax filings. We can help you with the deemed disposition of property at death, complex issues facing owners of private corporations and the utilization of trusts for greater certainty, privacy and flexibility of the estate. Our estate administration can be implemented in a supporting role, or as an executor of the estate.

Elder Care

Maycock & Company LLP provides traditional financial planning to assist families with the care of their eldest members, helping to combine personal assets with public and private pensions in order to fund in-home care or assisted-living environments. Maycock offers a complete package of elder-care services, managing day-to-day financial issues, as well as advocating and contracting on behalf of your eldest family members for personal services, investment management, and legal services.

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